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The law firm of  Stell, Smith & Mattison, P.C. began on January 1, 1965 as the firm of Russell and McWhorter.  The founders were Richard B. Russell, III (Uni. of Ga. J.D. 1953), formerly Piedmont Judicial Circuit Superior Court Judge from 1961 to 1964, and T. Penn McWhorter (Uni. of Ga. J.D. 1958).  In 1972, Robert W. Adamson (Uni. of Ga. J.D. 1971) joined the firm and the firm became known as Russell, McWhorter & Adamson, P.C.  On July 8, 1986, Mr. McWhorter was appointed to the Superior Court of the Piedmont Judicial Circuit and served for over twenty five years rising to Chief Judge of the Circuit.  The firm continued under the name Russell, Adamson & Stell, P.C.  In 1992, several changes occurred as Richard B. Russell, III retired, Robert W. Adamson was appointed to the Superior Court of the Piedmont Judicial Circuit, where he served for over twenty years rising to Chief Judge of the Piedmont Judicial Circuit, and the firm changed to Russell, Stell, Smith & McLocklin, P.C.


        Over the course of time Wayne McLocklin left to start his own firm eventually rising to Superior Court Judge and in 2015 Richard B. Russell, Jr left to join another practice and the firm became Stell, Smith & Mattison, PC.


With its main office located in the heart of Winder, the firm has established longtime ties with the City of Winder and other local governments working hand in hand with local leaders to prepare for a better Barrow for tomorrow.  This consistent involvement with local industry leaders has led to four different firm members serving tenures as President of the Barrow County Chamber of Commerce.


        In 1985 the firm expanded to Gwinnett County to better service its clients and has garnered the experience of participating in Gwinnett County’s rapid growth to help prepare for balanced growth in Barrow County.

         Stell, Smith & Mattison, PC is a general practice law firm with an emphasis in residential and commercial real estate transactions.  The firm works with individual purchasers and sellers, builders, developers, local lenders and mortgage companies on all aspects of real estate transactions from drafting contracts to rezoning properties to conducting closings.


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